[Oberon] Aos Oberon and PNG

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 1 18:50:48 CEST 2004

--- edgar at edgarschwarz.de wrote:
> Hi all,
> I modified AosPNGImages.Mod for Oberon and made a
> es.PNGImages.Mod.
> So if you download
> "http://webdav.ethz.ch/no/es.PNGImages.Mod" and add
> some
> entries to Oberon.Text (Have a look at the beginning
> of the file) you will
> be able to open PNG in Aos Oberon and
> "http://www.edgar-schwarz.de/cgi-bin/moin/SwOberon"
> But be aware that they are upside down. Interesting
> feature :-)
> Shouldn't be hard to fix but not so important for
> this evening.
> Cheers, Edgar

Thanks!  I downloaded this and tried it under WinAOS.
I had to make some changes because WinAOS doesn't
use the same CRC as does the latest "crazy fresh"
BlueBottle release.  I put my changes at:


Alternatively one can recompile CRC using the latest
version.  (I'm not sure what that would do to WinAOS
in it's current state.)

I'm also curious as to why the picture is flipped.
BlueBottle must be using a different coordinate
system.  It should be a relatively easy fix though.


John M. Drake

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