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John Drake jmdrake_98 at
Thu Jul 29 15:40:33 CEST 2004

--- edgar at wrote:

> WebDAV is running again. There still seems to be a
> problem with
> automatic restart after a reboot (At least I didn't
> see a trap yet
> so I assume it's a restart problem).
> Regards, Edgar

Thanks.  I've uploaded the file to:

Have you looked any further at what it would take
to add forms to WebNavigator?  This is what I've
found so far:

WebHTML4.Mod - Parses the HTML tags.  No changes
needed here.  It can handle any valid tag.

- PROCEDURE Traverse: Traverses an HTML parse tree
  generated by WebHTML4.Mod and adds formatting
  information from the stylesheet.  Returns a list
  of "blocks" which are formatted elements.  Code
  for INPUT tags needs to be added here.

- PROCEDURE Layout: Returns of list of "boxes" that
  tell where each element should be layed out.  Code
  for INPUT "box" needs to be added. 

  Note: The author seemed to have started doing this
  but commented the code out.

 (*InputBoxDesc = RECORD (BoxDesc)
  formElement : Objects.Object;

 PROCEDURE Draw: Renders each "box" onto the screen.
 code to render then InputBox needs to be added.

It looks like the author was trying to insert a
regular Gadget into the "box" list.  That would
be the most satisfying result.  It would save having
to "reinvent" the textbox wheel as well as allow
use of other Gadgets.  But I don't know if that's
easier than starting from scratch.  If at this
point we just got an empty rectangle drawn where
an input box should be that would be a start.

P.S. Volunteers to help on this would be greatly


John M. Drake

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