[Oberon] How I know you're all just playing

Jack Johnson knapjack at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 21:14:44 CEST 2004

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004 20:57:03 +0200 (MEST), easlab at absamail.co.za
<easlab at absamail.co.za> wrote:
> There are countless signs that there is no one else "working"
> with n-o -- you are all just playing.

I hear your frustration, but I think making an accusation is not
necessarily the best way to obtain help. I believe there is a ton of
work being done with Native Oberon, just not necessarily the type of
work you're doing.

I personally used to do a lot of image manipulation work with earlier
versions of Oberon, before the days of PhotoShop.

> So I want to search the relevant partition for file(s) containing
> the strings :  "Store" & "width". This 'uncool' facility is  needed very
> often for WORK.

Is it a needed facility or a workflow issue?

I think there's a perceived need, which has been met through the
modules of others, but often the 'grep' people are searching for is a
mental Unixism we bring as baggage to a new system.  I probably
wouldn't have started with a text search in Oberon (though I also may
have been unsuccessful).  Personally, I don't think there's anything
uncool about text searching, but Oberon in general is not heavily
file-oriented (more document-oriented?), so this lacking feature never
suprised me.

I would suggest using the modules suggested earlier.  It sounds like
it would be worth your time investment.


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