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Sat Aug 21 21:01:50 CEST 2004

Chris wrote:
> > Does any one know how User:, Password:  map to:
> > FTP.Tool  -> 
> > NetSystem.SetUser ftp:user at host ~	Set password for private ftp.
> > Desktops.OpenDoc "ftp://user@host"	Private ftp to user at host.
> >    or
> > NetSystem.SetUser ftp:user at host ~	Set password for private ftp.

Edgar wrote:
> Try
> Desktops.OpenDoc "ftp://dan:parnete@" ~

== connected
Data connection already open; Transfer starting.
... But no success ...
> or
> NetSystem.SetUser ftp:dan:parnete at ~
> FTP.Open "dan at"

It seems that one needs to re-boot.
Even if you forget to 
you can't 
again without re-booting.  Needs refining.

John M. Drake wrote:-
> I've uploaded it to the WebDav.  You can download it
> from:
> http://webdav.ethz.ch/jmdrake/DpsAF.zip 

OK, good, thanks.
Looking at the dir of contents:
UserGuide.Text	 19.08.2004 22:20:14	13132	59%	

But Id UserGuide.Text is already used, so temporarily do:
 System.RenameFiles SYS:UserGuide.Text => SYS:ObnUserGuide.Text ~
and extract and examine the 'new' UserGuide.Text ==

(** Dps Application Framework, Copyright 2004 DP Sisteme 2000 srl *)
...Everything is written in Oberon, except DpsServer module witch is in 
Active Oberon. ....

Well since I don't [yet] use Active Oberon , that's the end for me ?

Packages should introduce their requirements in a heirarchy
to enable the 'investigator' to abort as soon as possible, i.e. with
minimum cost.  I.e. one should be able to fetch the requirements
and minimal description without 'buying' the whole package.
This common sense principle eg. that each contributor's directory 
should have a standard ReadMe&Contents .....
These rules need to be WRITTEN DOWN.
The developer becomes so engrossed in his 'technicalities' that he
can't be bothered with these apparent trivialities.
The same way as societies use methods formulated thousands of
years ago [Greek, Roman civilisations] , software development is
a human 'emergent' activity where proven good methodology 
should be copied from the past and not reinvented, painfully every
time.      I.e. written rules/guidelines.

Why is TextGadgets.Mod included in the zip-file ?
Comparing with my 2001 ver, it IMPORTs the extra module
"Attributes", used in single statement:
  	Attributes.SetBool( M.dlink, "Modified", TRUE );	

What is the rule about contributors [NOT] modifying 'core'
[or any existing] modules ?

Are there any rules, or even guidelines ?

Where are the [obviously existing] linux guidelines kept ?
I'll ask on NewsGroups.

Is there a better method of capturing/stealing a collaborative
development METHODOLOGY than copying Linux's ?

Or do ETHZ originated projects not need a proven methodology:
 they can just wing it ?

Or is it taboo to discuss this ?

== Chris Glur.   

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