Re (2): [Oberon] qemu boot travail

edgar at edgar at
Tue Sep 7 23:27:43 CEST 2004

Jack Johnson <knapjack at> wrote:
> qemu -hda somefile -cdrom AosCD.iso -boot d
Could you elaborate what that means ? 
Could it be possible to run an Oberon from a CD using a 86 emulator on a
86 Linux machine ? Can Oberon access the harddisk or a AOS partition on this harddisk ?
Sounds funny.
During my holidays I was addicted to an online game ( Sorry, is German)
which I can play by browser.
So I would be interested in a means to work with Bluebottle and at the same time
having the chance to have a look once in while whether I can start building another
crystal mine, build some battleships or defend against a raiding space fleet :-)

Cheers, Edgar

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