[Oberon] webdav.ethz.ch, qemu LBA

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 07:27:21 CEST 2004

--- edgar at edgarschwarz.de wrote:

> Hi,
> thanks to help from ETH (Thomas) webdav is now up
> und running again.
> And I promise to write the change log and package my
> new client release
> (Which is ready for many weeks now) on the weekend
> :-)

Thanks Edgar!  I can hit the WebDAV from my ME 
powered laptop using both the Internet Explorer
"web folder" option as well the Oberon WebDAV
client in WinAOS.  Oddly, though, my Win2K 
machine won't show the "web folder" view and
only the "default" view.  (This used to work.
I KNOW it did.  My computer is out to get me.)
Of course this is the same Win2K machine that
I reported earlier not being able to hit the
Internet from within WinAOS.  (At somepoint I 
need to take this machine from behind the
firewall and see what happens).

Anyway, I was wondering if the WebDAV server
can be put in the startup sequence of the
webdav.ethz.ch machine?  It seems that before
the WebDAV (or even Web) server was running,
I was able to ping the machine.
> A while ago there was a discussion about running
> bluebottle on Linux with quemu.
> Jack Johnson <knapjack at gmail.com> wrote>
>  OK, here's the trick: QEMU doesn't always pass the
> correct drive
> > geometry to the guest OS, so you need to specify
> it manually.
> > In my case, I did:
> > sudo qemu -hda /dev/hdc -hdachs 77536,16,63 -cdrom
> > ~/Downloads/ISOs/AosCD.iso -boot d
> > and Partitions.Show correctly showed me my
> partition map.the CHS in
> > the above command line is in LBA compatibility
> mode 
> How can I find the LBA parameters of my drive ?
> Using Oberon, Linux, Windows ?

I'd like to so something a little more "mundane"
I suppose.  It would be nice if I could use Qemu
to "edit" my own CD-ROM image.  This is the string
I use for startup.

qemu -L . -hda AosCD.img -cdrom AosCD.iso -boot d

Where "AosCD.img" is a copy of "AosCD.iso".

I see the partition when I do Partitions.Show, but
I'm unable to actually "mount" it.  Has anyone
else tried something like this?


John M. Drake

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