[Oberon] WinOberon V2.5

Hof, Philipp p.hof at elec.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Nov 1 01:28:56 CET 2004

Ditto with XP

Growing the viewer renders the line spacing wrong. Lines shift over each

Thanks for updating Oberon for Windows! It was great to see a new release
after such a long time. It is the only Oberon version (except for Blackbox)
I can run:)

By the way, how does the future of WinOberon look like?


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Hello Oberoners,

In the last version (2.5, October 2004) of ETH PlugIn Oberon for Windows,
the Grow and Copy commands at the top of viewers (in the tiled viewers mode)
don't work properly. When used, the new opened viewers are not readable. I'm
working with Win98.



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