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mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us mcintosh at vima.austin.tx.us
Mon Nov 8 01:13:33 CET 2004

> The DXP-webpage facility should be documented by a short tutorial in
> DynamicWebpagePlugin.Text.
> The other facility, the object-oriented database is for enabling
> persistence of Oberon objects, which fulfil several programmed
> preconditions. This system is designed to be sufficiently powerful for
> small database sizes and also features transactional atomic as well as
> recoverability from unexpected system shutdowns.

Soon, I will look for something that can give primative support to a relational
database with queries and updates that are defined at design time.  I have
one or two short projects before I examine the XML database.  However,
since it is topical to the list today, I want to ask if it is likely to be useful for the
following project:
I have the graphical prototype of a peer grading webpage located at

Although the factor analysis is developed, the ideas have been field tested
by hand with actual students, and posters presented at conferences, 
it has all been done with pencil, paper, and hand driven calculations.
None of the procedures behind the web pages are live.  

I assume that I will work on the student registration page next.  I have assumed that
I will have a relational database, and the registrations will be one of the relations.
I will probably have 
	first, last, and secret number in the relation.
	Also, I may have a "cookie," the IP number, and the time of registration.
On later pages, when a student sumbits a grade, I will collect info into another
relation.  I think I will collect all that is submitted, including that with "bad"
secret numbers (think passwords.  These are random 5 digit numbers that they
write by hand on paper on the first graded assignment in the lecture.  It has to
do with the Buckly restrictions (FERPA) and the desire to post grades publicly, 

I will later need to pull data from several relations according to complicated, but
fixed queries.

Aubrey under BlueBottle

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