[Oberon] Re. installing BB

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Fri Dec 3 01:38:55 CET 2004

Jack, Chris, Thomas and others,

pe> Does [OBERON] indicate ... an Oberon boot loader ...

Perusing the boot loaders from "Oberon / PC Native 
05.01.2003" and from "BB current" with Hex.Open 
answers this immediately.

The Oberon / PC Native loader begins thus.

.)éOBERON ...

The "BB current" loader begins thus.

.'éOBERON ...

Near the end of the "BB current" loader is this string.

Invalid Init

"Invalid" is not present in the Oberon loader.

So now I am convinced that the intended loader 
was installed.

cg> * the bootloader for BB is very similar to that of n-o.

Too similar!  Thomas, is this intentional?  
I expected the BB loader to report "BB loading" 
or "AOS loading"; not "Oberon loading".

jj> ... bad configuration parameter, ... partition ...
cg> * The IDE/root would be known as 'invalid' very early.

Seems promising.

Thanks!      ... Peter E.

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