[Oberon] How software breaks

shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca shark at gulfnet.sd64.bc.ca
Fri Dec 17 02:46:29 CET 2004

Hello Chris,

cg> So when an ISP allocates a UserID containing char "@" [which
is legitimate per rfc] the system breaks.

Known problem.

cg> A tedious workaround/patch allows one to stumble on.

In an earlier discussion here, Pieter Muller 
suggested that special characters such as
@ be encoded according to a W3C encoding.  
Has someone already implemented this in BB?  
If so you might port it back to your Oberon.  
If not, perhaps you can work on the 

cg> The labour of the previous patch can't be reused, because
the versions differ substantially.

Justification for sound work rather than 

cg> ... bombed ...

Many circumstances lead to frustration and 
despair.  I admire the Oberon projects as
pioneering.  Pioneering always involves 
difficulties.  Example.

Is any other view rational?

Regards,           Peter E.

Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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