[Oberon] ANN: UnixAos rel. 0.7 (Linux, MacOSX, Solaris)

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Tue Jan 15 18:40:32 MET 2008

Hi all Oberon and Bluebottle fans

Release 0.7 of the Unix ports of Bluebottle for Linux, MacOSX and Solaris
is finished and can be downloaded from;


Changes since release 0.6:

New in release 0.7;
    - The System now uses the compiler and sources of the Bluebottle
      release of 29.11.2007.  Several base modules have been renamed
      to be in sync with the Bluebttle module naming.

    - The stacksize for active objects is adjustable via the
      environment variable AOSCONFIG.
      The default value is 128 (kilobytes).

    - System parameters red by Machine.GetConfig can be specified by
      the environment variable AOSCONFIG. This is done in the editable
      start script (aos).

    - The old Oberon object finalization (Kernel.RegisterObject) has
      been completly removed and got replaced by the Aos variant which
      calls the finalization procedures in a separate thread.

New in release 0.63:
    - Trap handling is now done in a separate stack. The needed
      sigaltstack function didn't work in older Linux releases and had
      therefor been disabled. With the alternate trap stack the system
      is finally able to handle stack overflow events in active objects.

New in release 0.62:
    - X11 exposure events and F9 get handled by the windowmanager
    - stacksize for active objects increased from 192 KB to 256 KB

    - bug fixes (Unix/kbdMouse.Mod, Unix/Aos.Oberon.Mod)

    - code cleanup (x86/Unix/Kernel.mod, x86/Unix/Exceptions.Mod,

New in release 0.61:
    - based on BB sources of 2007/08/23
    - Support for 'safe' active objects added. They now get restartet
      after a trap
    - ctrl- and alt-keys can again substitute missing MM- and MR-buttons
    - The system no longer gets locked up at heavy text scrolling
    - System is now useable (stable) on MacOSX systems too

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