AW: [Oberon] The latest CD as inst. source (more about installation)

Stauber Sven Philipp sven.stauber at
Wed Jan 23 21:35:30 MET 2008

> [...]  (but not on machines with Intel Extreme 2 graphic)
Try to set the configuration string "ExtMemSize=128". This overrides the automatic memory detection and sets the amount of system memory to 128MB (assumption: Your machines has more memory).
Other configuration strings that sometimes help are "MaxProcs=-1" and "ATADetect=legacy".

>Aos.Par will cause an Command Execution Error in the Kernel Log Window
I could not reproduce this on my machine using the newest release (23.01.2008). 

>Any hints for easy installing BB on a hard disk (or on a USB stick ?)
Yes! Since the release of 23.01.2008, a graphical installer for AOS is available. Boot from CD and run it using the (AOS) command WMInstaller.Open ~ The rest should be self-explaining. In particular, the installer makes the creation of bootable USB sticks very easy. Don't be confused by the "BETA... don't use yet" title - the installer works, but has not yet been tested extensively (so use at own risk).  Also, be careful to not install AOS onto the Windows/Linux/Other OS partitions... this would overwrite them.
There's a discussion thread on the installer  in the OCP forum, see,6.0.html
Best regards,
Sven Stauber

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