[Oberon] Graphical Installer

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Thu Jan 24 23:08:12 MET 2008

Fantastic. In 5 minutes i had Bluebottle installed on my harddisk.
Thanks a lot for this great and helpful tool!

So now nearly 96% are running well.
only some smaller problems / questions. :

I didn't understand the boot mechanism and how and where Aos.Par works.
After the new hd installation no Aos.Par was on the hd.
Then i copied the latest release (recommended in one of the last 
postings) of Aos.Par onto the harddisk, but no change.
For example i have to change the keyboard (from US to DE) and to 
increase the screen res. etc.
Any special attribute / tools / directory for Aos.Par ?
Any other config file, config tool ?


Markus Greim

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