[Oberon] video configuration for a Toshiba 205CDS.

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 20 00:00:00 MET 2008


Native Oberon is installed on a Toshiba 205CDS laptop.
The video chip is a CT65550 which supports VESA 2.0.
The machine lacks a floppy drive; video must be 
configured with config strings rather than with Config 
in Oberon0.

The last two sections of "http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/display.html" 
seem pertinent but I miss a few details.  

Should these strings be set?
Or just this one?
[Documentation for DDriver along with Display 
would be helpful.]

The example in the Web page refers to an IBM 760ED
with this Init string.
Strings for other chips are noted at the end of SVGA.Display.Mod.
How can the Init string for the CT65550 be constructed?

Thanks,        ... Peter E.


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