[Oberon] Booters for ETH-Oberon ?

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 9 17:59:24 MET 2008


cg> ... the amount of mechanical-engineering 
  that you had to do to fit it ...
Not really that bad, now that the details are 
documented.  Think of the hours most of us have 
spent changing drives and moving data.

Support for a PCMCIA-CF adapter is an alternative; 
certain to consume more time than installation 
of an ATA-CF adapter.

cg> * there are possiblilities of inconsistencies at several stages:
     the IDE's C,H,S,  the BIOS, lilo/Grub..etc. M$loth wants to kill any
     co-resident foreigners ...etc.

A few simple policies prevent most of the trouble.
* If a MS system is needed, put it in the first partition.
* If the machine has no systems other than Oberon and 
Aos, use BootMan.  If Linux or DOS or Windows is present 
use Grub.
* If you want to boot Oberon or Aos from a 
drive other than the first, open  
and apply the instructions under "Partitions.ShowBlocks 
... Troubleshooting a boot problem ..."

cg> I've only ever had one ETH-Oberon that didn't need a fd0 to boot.

Diskettes are mostly for installation and maintenance 
now.  Booting from a diskette shouldn't be a routine.

cg> ... OLPC ...

Why not get an early model Pentium laptop or 
recent model desktop?  Consumers discard them.

cg> How long does your CF take to boot ETH-Oberon ?

Seconds.  Will try to remember to time it this 
weekend and answer on the Web page.

The computer engineering for CF is thanks to 
J. Sedlacek, by the way.

Regards,         ... Peter E.


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