[Oberon] Re: Booters for ETH-Oberon ?

Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net
Wed Mar 12 21:27:22 MET 2008

On 12 Mar 2008, Chris Glur <easlab at absamail.co.za> wrote:
>   Aubrey.McIntosh wrote:

>  > What do you hope to do?
>  I believe in part of the ideas of OLPC: that low power computing
>  can revolutionise 3rd world education and hence development
>  the same way as the cell phone *HAS* helped development.

I think so too.  Good luck.

>  How do you generate the non-86x object code from oberon source ?

There are compilers for other CPUs, including SPARC, MIPS, 68000.

>  > I do note, as an aside, that the state of an Oberon system seems to
>  > be reflected in the linkages available off of Modules.module.  If you
>  > store this to disk on a native machine, and re-read it at boot time,
>  > you should be back where you were.
>  OK, does that 'state' include the tree of displayed viewers or
>  just which modules were loaded at the time ? If I wanted to
>  'do' something that required a module that wasn't currently
>  loaded, it would just auto-load.  What matters to continue
>  at my pre-power-down state is my 'data': equivalent to
>  which-files-were-open in other OSs ?

I don't know if it includes the bitmap for the display.  However, the
display is re-drawn from the "model" data whenever you resize a
viewer, so it doesn't matter.  I believe everything else is off that
module.  You do have to walk the compiler provided links also, the
ones that are used for garbage collection.  I should make a
distinction:  I haven't done this, but I have been reading the
bootlinker and the loader line by line and am convinced it is so.

>  == Chris Glur.

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