[Oberon] startup time & Init strings.

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 19 02:09:26 MET 2008


cg> How long does your CF take to boot ETH-Oberon ?

The Toshiba T2100, 80486, starts from the CF in 23 s.
The Toshiba 205CDS, 100 MHz Pentium, starts from the hdd in 30 s.
I've added this to http://carnot.yi.org/ExampleSystems.html .
Thanks for the suggestion.

I've never done any low level programming.  Perhaps someone 
can help with decoding the Init string for VGA, "b81200cd10".
Referring the to the One-Byte Opcode Map on page A-4 of 
the Intel 386 Programmer's Reference Manual, B8 is MOV eAX.
What is eAX?

Referring to MOV on page 17-114, 
"B8+ rw  MOV reg16, imm16  2 [clocks], Move immediate word to register".

So "b81200" means "put 00 into register 12"?

 Thanks,         ... Peter E.


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