[Oberon] Re: display of Toshiba Satellite 205CDS.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Mar 27 16:30:14 MET 2008

> pe> The system track is about half the width it 
> should be, although the text appears OK.
> This is solved adequately for now.

It's always good to share your findings.
The aim of collaboration is to avoid duplication of effort ?
I also once had a N-O installation which I couldn't get to display
on a particular hardware, and never found out why.

I'm guessing that the proportioning of total screen width allocated 
to the 2 tracks is fixed, and that if your system track is too narrow, 
then the left hand side is overflowing the screen ?

It seems that you were investigating:
* init-string > sets Video using PC-BIOS 
*  VGA or SVGA ..etc. is selected during installation ?
   I always select the most basic [but omitt to update later].
  So, I've always had VGA, which gives approx. lineLen= 80 in the userTrack.
  For my most recent install, Linux-ETH-Oberon, I used SVGA 'just for fun'.
  It's more difficult to read and mouse; but some applications  
  eg. FontEditor.Panel  need the [effectively] extra track-width.

IMO when 2 N-O users are misunderstanding each other, it's often
because they are using different 'screen-widths' and have forgotten
that others may have a different view.

It's like these WinX users who can't perceive that others might have a 
different life's-view .

== Chris Glur

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