[Oberon] Re (2): Does V4 run under linux ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Mar 30 13:07:48 MEST 2008

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Subject: Re (2): Does V4 run under linux ?
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> On Mar 27, 10:27 am, problems at gmail wrote:
> > How many people run V4 ?
> >
> > S3 runs nicely under linux, where the superior inet capability
> > of linux [being preemptive multi-tasking] combines with S3's
> > superior text handling.
> >
> > V4 has some other/different applications which I'd like to try,
> > and under linux one can just swap between applications on the
> > same box.
> >
> > Thanks for any feedback,
> >
> > == Chris Glur.
> In the past, I ran V4 on several Unix boxes.  I was able to use a
> Linux V4 on an Intel machine running BSD Unix, and it needed some kind
> of "wrapper" to make it appear Linux like.  --- Ahem, as well as I
> remember.
> There is probably discussion about this circa 2000 in this newsgroup.
Wow!! Thanks. It's great to be able to switch between S3 *AND* V4.
V4 seems to be more 'consolidated', rather than a bunch of add-ons?
Like with a few big packages in their own directories.
The Web-package looks substantialy sized.
When I can, I prefer using the S3 browser instead of a 'full-featured'
one and perhaps the V4 one is more fully-featured.

The reason why I must stick with oberon is that for any real-heavy 
text, I need to have the color/font 'paint facility' to help ME
absorb it.   I'm pleased to see that V4 reads a S3 file with all the
different color/fonts.  <BTW, someone kicked me on a *legal*
news group for spelling defence instead of defense, so I was 
wondering if Canadians also use US instead of 'english' spelling?>
I wonder how many people realise that S3 can "build your own 
color/font annotated 'books'" where eg. you can just paste in pdf
& other images, if need be, by the commonly available screen
capture facilities of linux [my oberon one 'mirror-images'
the images - by mistake].

I'll think I'll join the V4 mailing list and then I might find how
to set the DNS ...etc. [that's what the error said] for http,
and the mail & news parameters..etc. which are in Oberon.Text
for S3.

BTW mc [the clone/extension of the brilliant DOS 
Norton commander] is IMO essential as a background
framework for the 2 oberon systems [or any miscl linux tasks].
It facilitates many file-jobs, including 'visually' copying/moving
..etc. files between the various directories.

== Chris Glur.

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