[Oberon] Component Pascal StdCoder.Decode ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Apr 1 03:43:46 MEST 2008

Component Pascal Collection
       from the goog-cache of
   which I fetched.

But they are in an encoded format
 <1st line starts:"StdCoder.Decode ..,1">
which seems not decodable with S3's [nor V4's] existing tools.

Can someone help me get to the plain-text sources ?
I strongly believe that we should have easy access to all
Wirthian-language sources, to build on existing investments
rather than continually reinventing the wheel.

The */pac/C2cp.txt file is described as a [mostly] C to cp
translator, which could be very interesting for efforts to 
port some of the massive GNU/linux sources to 'Wirthian'?

Thanks for any help,

== Chris Glur.

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