[Oberon] adding a header field for outgoing messages.

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 10 05:31:05 MEST 2008


I am interested to incorporate the In-Reply-To 
parameter of SMTP into the header of an 
outgoing message.  
[ "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-mail"
under "3.2.1 Header" in case anyone is interested.
IETF calls these parameters header fields.]

Automatic insertion of In_Reply-To is not required.  
The parameter can be inserted when the body of the 
message is composed with an editor.  An 
optional In_Reply-To line should be able to 
follow the Subject line in the reply text which I 
compose up.

As I can see, Mail.Send invokes SendIt which opens 
the SMTP connection and invokes SendMail.  

SendMail works through the recipient list and 
eventually invokes SendText with "head" containing 
the header and "T" containing the message body.

I've failed to see where and how the subject is 
inserted.  If anyone can explain, that will really 
be appreciated.

[Why do this?  I read the Debian list archives and 
occasionally want to reply.  Without In-Reply-To 
the list manager can not connect the thread.]

Apologies to anyone finding this too tedious.
Thanks for any ideas,          ... Peter E.


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