[Oberon] UnixAos usage/testing ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Apr 25 13:59:24 MEST 2008

I'm watching how many others are using UnixAos before I 
  commit to this big dialup down load:
   [ ]   [7]AosLinux_Sys.tgz   18-Apr-2008 17:53     29M;
and wondering why it's so much more bloated than ETH-Sys3.

I suspect that it's related to the same reason why eg. Soren's
emails consist of 1 line of content, and 100 lines of packaging.

Next year M$loth will introduce the "with fragrant/smell 
included for a better experience" version, and you'll all be 
updating to that bigger version ?

Then also,
New in release 0.72:
.Still missing: sound output and driver support for USB, 
   - Network stuff (AosIP, AosTCP, ... ) finished.

These days I use linux exculsively for inet-access, instead of 
Sys3 N-O, because the pre-emptive multitasking capability
makes my dial-up costs less.  However [and this was confirmed
by a query re. Linux-V4, which also runs at the same time as 
Linux-ETH-Oberon] the eg. Send.News, Mail.Directory 
commands use the underlying linux inet-connect capabilities
- [the linux IP/TCP stack ?]

So therefore I'm confused at the need for AosIP, AosTCP.
Similarly, the Backup* commands are appropriately missing from 
Linux-ETH-Oberon because the linux equivalents are available.
Similarly, why would Linux Aos support for USB be needed ?

To use these advantages of running the various 'oberons' under
linux one needs a good system of manipulation [move, copy,
delete, view. edit ..] the various file formats.
I find that the text menued [not cartoon menu] mc is excellent.

An interesting observation:
 I think that when I first installed ETH-Native-Oberon years
ago, I did crash it in the beginning.
Now I have the illusion that it's un-crashable.
I had quite a few crashes with Linux-ETH-Oberon in the
beginning. And V4 I suspect was cause to reboot linux 
yesterday.   The fact that with greater usage, one
develops the illusion that the 'system' is un-crashable
must be due to subconscience knowledge of where 'not
to go'. 

== Chris Glur.

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