[Oberon] Syntax for hyperlinked 'Book' ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun May 25 17:47:57 MEST 2008

Via google-search I found that I've fallen in the same hole as 
Peter Easthope did 6 years ago when he wrote:-
> I've studied the tutorial about Text2HTML but have
> been unable to find the commands.  Was Text2HTML
> decommissioned?

tells how to make a nice hyperlinked document PLUS:
"With the provision of special tags the converter offers in addition the 
automatic construction of a table of contents and of an index."

Then after you've spent time studying it you find that Text2HTML.* 
would be needed, but is not available.

But there ARE such nice hyperlinked documents with table-of-contents 
and index, called *.Book

Which apparently are manipulated with BooksDev.Panel
& BooksUser.Panel

But the syntax to write these 'books' seems not given anywhere.

The existing *.Book/s show how usefull this could be; eg. for the 
Regul project where the documentation is presently scattered over:
Regul.Str, Regul.Tool, RegulDocumentation.Tool, RegulLicense.Text,
RegulQuickstart.Tool, RegulSemantics.Tool, RegulSyntax.Tool
..at least !

Q - can somebody please tell where to find the syntax to write 
a text which is then compiled to give such a <hyperlinked>.Book  ?

So a *.Book on how to use Books* is needed; which could be created
as the first exercise once the syntax is known.


== Chris Glur.

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