[Oberon] Ideas needed for debugging-puzzle.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon May 26 11:54:10 MEST 2008

Perhaps I shouldn't have opened this can-of-worms ?

Since I transfer all my important/difficult text to S3-Oberon, I was
thinking that the much Latex-format stuff eg.,
\exists  A^{n+1}  \forall  x^n [x^n \in A^{n+1} \leftrightarrow \phi(x^n)]
which increasingly comes on wikipedias [fetched by lynx],
could easily be translated and rendered by adding the extra symbols
which are not already in Math*Scn.Fnt .
FontEditor.Panel would be used.

I have to query the strange design decision that chose to lay-out the 
256 [=16*16] key-buttons in a 20 by 13 rectangle, which leaves
the last 4 places free. This despite the fact that the chars < hex21
and > hex97 are shown as 2 hex-chars on their 'buttons'.

What do they teach them at ETHZ, or is it related to the fact that the
French call "99" 'four twenty ten nine' ?

On my linux-ETH-Oberon FontEditor.Panel  doesn't display the 
labels on the 256 buttons, like it correctly does on my other N-O systems.
Also when I copy a 'good' FontEditor.Panel to linux-ETH-Oberon, this
too doesn't display the labels.

Q - is this correct:
a panel is an object; essentially data, showing the identifier and 
parameters and the object's sub-objects  -- recursively.
Eventually all the 'leaves' of the tree must be accessible from file.

Q - I think they are kept in a library ? What is the name of the 
 library/s ?

Searching *Scn.Fnt  in *.Panel shows that the texts appearing in any
panel corresponds to the search-found-listed *Scn.Fnt
FontEditor.Panel uses only Oberon10.Scn.Fnt, which is present in the
lixux-oberon system.  And all other panels look ok.

Q - the faulty rendering of FontEditor.Panel is NOT related to 
   FontEditor.Mod ?

Q - Is it viable to, as a first learning exercise, use LayLa to make a 16*16
key-button-matrix, and just imitate the other ok buttons/gadgets, and
just use Columbus to 'examine/transfer' the old gadget-associations ?

Q - since I don't want to just replace the error without knowing the 
error cause, is it possible/easy to disassemble/decompile the panel
into its sub-gadgets ?

Thanks for any feedback,

== Chris Glur.

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