[Oberon] Re: Text2HTML.Mod (Edgar Schwarz)

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jun 1 18:34:44 MEST 2008

Edgar Schwarz wrote:
]> Have a look at
]> http://obedav.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/obedav/contribs/Text2HTML/

Paul Reed wrote:
> You can use Text2HTML on itself and check that into sourceforge as well,
> right?
> So we don't need an Oberon system to look at your code? :)

Lemme think:
Text2HTML creates standard *html hyperetext documentation from 
human ideas, where the ideas are formatted using the required syntax 
for Text2HTML.

So yes you could use Text2HTML under ETH-Oberon to document
about Oberon-Text2HTML, to be read by standard/non-Oberon

NB. ETH-Oberon is needed to *create* the 'Text2HTML' documents.

Obviously ETH-Oberon source code is most conveniently handled
in the ETH-Oberon format, but it can be viewed, edited and compiled
in DOS or Unix format, by an ETH-Oberon system.

What can Aos do ?

== Chris Glur.

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