[Oberon] Re. Staapl

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Jul 27 06:22:20 MEST 2008

Tom Schouten wrote:
> The Staapl project has come to a point where it is ready for public
> scrutiny.
> http://zwizwa.be/staapl
> Staapl is a collection of abstractions for (meta)programming
> microcontrollers from within PLT Scheme. The core of the system is a
> programmable code generator structured around a functional
> concatenative macro language. On top of this it includes a syntax
> frontend for creating Forth-style languages, a backend code generator
> for Microchip's PIC18 microcontroller architecture, and interaction
> tools for shortening the edit-compile-test cycle.

This is a non-trivial project, which could be worth following.
But:  engineering =cost benefit analysis  ?
Some of these points could go into the FAQ.

I started with picforth.
But while I was waiting for Dosemu to mature, so that I
could better not have to use a DOS-box to program the
chips,  the technology moved beyond me.

The whole ideas of pic: minimal dil-devices; seems to
have morphed to absurdity  - like upgrading a 
wheel-barrow to a locomotive !

Q - before I d/l the 37K *.tar.gz,
 must I particularly get plt-scheme too ?
I've got a [presumably standard] scheme already installed 
and tested and convenient.

I use oberon, not C, and getting into CVS/darc could be a 

Q - obviously there's linux executables, or source + 
compilation-scripts available ?

We all want minimal committment initially ?


== Chris Glur.

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