[Oberon] Old timers keep occupied ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sun Aug 10 06:09:14 MEST 2008

Hi Tim,

> The other thing is having had someone in to do the worst rotten bits in the
> roof of this house. Every body is saying the whole roof is rotten so we are
> having all the brandering and plastic replaced.

Surely you know [can see] if it's rotten.
And why ?
Is it these 'metal-sheet tiled type ?
And water gets in ?

Be careful of falling, at our age.
We fracture bones easily.
My class-mate told of his father in law who, while changing a
light bulb, fell from the chair and fractured his hip, and died of
pneumonia in hospital. I thought it far fetched, by my 
med-research re. my fractured femur from a gently push off
my bike, needing breaking and going over the handle-bars,
explained that the forced 'lying on your back' is dangerous
re. pneumonia.

> Anyway I try to keep busy as Diana is always wanting this or 
> that to be done.

Reminds me of Mary: as an outside observer I can see
that her hospital & clinic visits give structure and meaning
to her life.  It's quiet a challenge/an-outing for her to use
the public transport and navigate the african-circus
admin of the hospital/s.

== Chris Glur.

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