[Oberon] A question on VMWare...

Alexander Hofmann alexander.hofmann at new-h.de
Mon Sep 22 22:18:22 MEST 2008

Thomas Frey schrieb:
>> yesterday I tried to boot the latest crazy Bluebottle release on 
>> VMWare Fusion 2.0 on my MacBoo Pro with 2,2 GHz and 2048 MB RAM 
>> assigned to the virtual machine. It took very long to boot up, and 
>> when it finally had finished, after moving the mouse across the menu, 
>> I cool watch single pixels being drawn on the screen, one by one...
>> Is there any special setting I should have set or any custom 
>> Init-String I can use to speed up graphics a bit?
> Try setting the VMWare machine to be optmized for Windows 98. This 
> used to be the fast setting for Bluebottle (did not test this on 
> VMWare Fusion 2.0)
> --Thomas
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Thanks, setting the guest type to Windows 98 sped up the booting a 
little bit, but nevertheless the problems vanished after the 3rd 
reinstall of VMWare...

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