[Oberon] Re. MTU, MaxPkt, EthernetFrameSize & etc.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Oct 6 05:13:07 MEST 2008


> Since a few weeks ago, the Native Oberon system at 
> home has had a problem sending large files by FTP 
> and large messages by SMTP.  Small files and 
> messages transmit OK to any destination and large 
> files transmit OK to my Debian Lenny based router.

That's a strange symptom.

As previously noted, when you've got to satisy 'your
side' and every stage between, there's big scope for

--snip tech details--
These are really network specialist questions.
I'd ask on some network-Newsgroups, after googling
on suitable phrases to web/http and groups.

Good luck !

== Chris Glur.

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