[Oberon] Oberon and closures

Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net
Thu Oct 30 16:02:50 MET 2008

I thing I read that procedure variables are being depreciated because
the literature finds some problem with them.  I forget what the
problem is.  Also, I haven't any clue what a "closure" is other than
this discussion, so I would appreciate any pointer to info that may be
more focused than my own Google search.

Anyway, I tried to modify the example a bit more so that it used type
bound procedures, not procedure variables.  Here is the version for
Component Pascal.

MODULE PrivClosureExample;
(* my oberon is also a little rusty *)

 Printer = POINTER TO Closure;

 Closure = RECORD
   n-: INTEGER;

VAR p, q: Printer;

PROCEDURE (this:Printer) Print, NEW;
END Print;

PROCEDURE CreatePrinter*(i: INTEGER): Printer;
 VAR s: Printer;
   NEW(s); s.n :=i; RETURN s
 END CreatePrinter;

END PrivClosureExample.

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 3:25 AM, Jörg Straube <joerg.straube at iaeth.ch> wrote:
>>> From Wikipedia we find
>>> As a consequence, closures can be used to hide state,
>>> and thus to implement object-oriented programming
> As Oberon is object-oriented, we don't need the concept
> of "closures" to implement OOP.
> Joerg
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