[Oberon] Re. simplifying Dialer

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Nov 14 17:24:57 MET 2008

Peter E. wrote:-

>  Does anyone use more than one <device> with
>  one <config>?

I use a very transparent, naive solution.
On my <general Tool/Menu> I've got text like:

Where MailSET is a 1 line script:
  System.CopyFiles  Oberon.TextM => Oberon.Text ~
and similarly NewsSET is
  System.CopyFiles  Oberon.TextN => Oberon.Text ~

So then I simply have the required <arguments> in the 
appropriate chosen Oberon.Text<char/s>.

If I need eg. to dial the neighbouring town [because my
nearer connection is down] and I want to post to UseGroups
with my <shown email> as "dog", then I just modify my
'standard' Oberon.Text  to eg. Oberon.TextND
and write 1 line script:
  System.CopyFiles  Oberon.TextND => Oberon.Text ~
and add a mnemonic menu/Tool entry:  ET.Do NewsDog

The new/modified Oberon.TextND has the required
telcoNo and email-ID ...etc.  as required.

System.Directory  Oberon.Text*  shows me my 
whole repetoire of 'configurations'.

PS. I've set all my modem AT-strings to NOT go silent
on connect; to avoid an un-noticed/cost-charged

== Chris Glur.

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