[Oberon] mail & uidl & etc.....

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Nov 22 15:04:12 MET 2008

Because this mailing-list provides a bounce-confirm
one expects other to do so too.

I'm subscribed to the yahoo-simputer list, which is a
disaster: filled with top-posting ONLY and much html.
Perhaps posters work from inet-cafes.

It's good to be subscribed from a gmail address, since
one's relation to a particular ISP may be less permanent
that to gmail.   But the gmail web-interface is a curse.
I general the move to clik-web is a curse !

Is it possible to email a pre-edited mail via gmail, without
the multiple web-dialog ?

I tried to mudge my "From:" field via Oberon.Text , which 
of course was stupid, because the ISP must give the return
path.  So I couldn't make it appear as coming from gmail.

Over the years of installing differenet ETH-Oberon versions
I got first only TextMail*  working then Mail* , but never
Mail.Panel . It now, [under Linux-ETH-Oberon] does: ---
Trap   5.7  (Index out of range)
sp =  BFFFEBF0, bp =  BFFFEE88, pc =  082FECEF

Mail.Synchronize  @ 11431
	R	= 	: Texts.Reader
	Ri	= 	: Files.Rider
	uidl	= "1203169508.M461068P44407V0800FF01I0299
2358_0.mx07.vox.co.za,S=62" ... 
	user	= "crglur at absamail.co.za"

Oberon.Call  @ 4705
	Mod	=  4034E820H	: SysBasetypes.ModDesc
uidl is a char[63] array, which is full as dumped here.

I'm not yet prepared to d/l the whole Linux-ETH-Oberon
source suite to debug this.  
But I'm curious to know what UIDL is ?

My Ver 2001 N-O, where I *have* got Mail.Mod, traps
differently than 'this' Linux-ETH-Oberon version.

I'm guessing that as the mail headers became more 
bloated the mail-clients adapted.

Does anybody use a pre-Win95 mail-client which
is still ok ?

== Chris Glur.

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