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Sat Nov 22 17:16:23 MET 2008

On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 9:26 AM, W B Hacker <wbh at conducive.org> wrote:

> JM2CW, but I haven't seen any work done *yet* on Oberon/AoS smtp by anyone
> who seemed to have the least understanding of the current state of smtp and
> friends.

That depends on what the definition of "current state" is.  In
particular, is "current state" defined by the RFCs or by some patched
C code on some ISP's system.

I ran an SMTP receiver under BlueBottle for about 2 years 24x7.  This
received all my incoming email.  This was hand crafted from the
relevant RFCs circa 2003.  It ran successfully until a cable became
detached while I was working out of state.  I decomissioned it as the
spam problem increased and gmail became available.

The RFCs have some requirements, such as the name a machine gives in
the handshake must match the inverse lookup for that address.  This
requirement has largely been removed from SMTP receivers so that they
will receive mail from improperly configured multiport machines.  In
my opinion, this deviation from SMTP is the single largest entry point
for spam.  Later versions of my code do accept this variation from

The source name is something similar to AlmSmtpReceiver.  An early
version made its way into the distribution, but the distribution never
seemed to reflect any updates that I submitted.

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