[Oberon] Platform independent IDE?

John Drake jmdrake_98 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 15:31:07 MET 2008

You should consider looking at Gardens Point component Pascal.


It can compile to either .NET or Java VM which means you can write programs that run
anywhere.  It uses the same language as BlackBox.  It would be nice to see all of the 
BlackBox libraries ported to it, but so far nobody's taken on that challenge.  GPCP
has hooks to use with either the Visual Studio or Eclipse IDE.  There's even a simple
"compile over the web" IDE set up.  That would be the ultimate in cross platform
usability if it were extended.  (Think the old Modula-3 "reactor" platform).


John M. Drake

From: Douglas G. Danforth <danforth at greenwoodfarm.com>
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Subject: [Oberon] Platform independent IDE?

Platform independent IDE?

I have a small chance at a new job and before I talk to them I thought
it would be useful to ask you (the Oberon users) whether it is possible 
to make the case that using Oberon is safe, reliable, and cross

So here are my questions for you.

(1) Does a cross platform IDE (Integerated Development Environment)
exist for Oberon?
 Cross platform must include MS Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX.
 (I know of Bluebottle and have downloaded it several years ago but
don't know if
 that is the correct vehical to answer my question.  What is A2?
 I use BlackBox/Component Pascal almost exclusively now but it runs
only on Windows.
 I understand that combined with Wine one can get it to work under
Linux but have not
 done this.)

(2) Does the IDE behave exactly the same on all platforms?
 Does it have one form of look-and-feel or does it adapt to the
platforms GUI?

(3) Can one install the IDE without low level bitstring manipulation
and parameter settings?

(4) Does there exist a uniform library (collection of modules) for
basic functionality: files, 
 audio, screen manipulation, GUI controls, ...

(5) Can one access the underlying operating system calls if need be
(and hence violate
 platform independence)?

(6) Mouse: can one use a two button mouse on all platforms (no

(7) Really how reliable is the system?  Can one program for 6 months
without finding
 bugs in the underlying system.  Does it really work the way it is
claimed to work?

(8) Web: Can one access the web via the system?  How much of the
underlying grunt work
 of doing so is supported by the system (module)?

(9) Server side programming:  Is it possible to run an Oberon server
such that (Oberon) 
 commands on one's desktop are passed through the web to the server in
such a manner that it
 looks as those one is simple doing a remote procedure call?  For
example if the server
 maintains a (relational) database of information, is it possible to
request (say SQL) to the
 database for getting and putting data?  If I do not have access to the
server hardware (resides in
 some other state or country) can I install the Oberon server software
remotely (if allowed, of
 course, by the server)?

I know these are tough questions but they are ones a commerical company
would ask and
would have to be answered to convince they to use such an Oberon system.

I look forward to your answers (any and all).

Best regards,
Doug Danforth

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