[Oberon] Could VNC allow 3-button heads-up of non_Oberon Apps.

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 11 04:12:55 MET 2008


VNC in NO is a useful interface to a Linux 

> So then I could NOT enter text-strings to the Linux-app.
> [in the VNC viewer] via the Oberon-mouse ?

Text does copy from an Oberon viewer into 
the VNC viewer as expected.  If the Linux 
Mouspad editor has a file open, for example, 
text can be copied to it from an Oberon 
viewer with MM+MR.  If Firefox or Iceweasel 
is used to log into an account, your id and 
password separated by a tab character in 
the NO viewer, can be copied using using 
one selection and one MM+MR.

Text will not copy from the VNC viewer to 
Oberon until someone implements that.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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