[Oberon] Web servers

J ö rg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Tue Dec 30 15:47:13 MET 2008

Hi Douglas

>> The 'connectivity provider' http://www.everydns.com looks nice but
>> I am not sure exactly how to use it.  If I already have Verio as my
>> ISP then how do I disentangle myself from Verio such that requests
>> for www.greenwoodfarm.com <http://www.greenwoodfarm.com>
>> now go through everydns.com (?) and then end up on my server box?
>> Who orchestrates the redirection?  (This assumes, of course, that I
>> alert Verio that I am canceling my account before doing this).

First, we have to define clearly what ³providers² are out there on the
- The Internet Service Provider (ISP) connects you to the internet either
  by wire or wirelessly. He assigns one or more IP addresses to you.
  If the IP address is always the same its called "static IP address".
  If the IP address varies over time it's called "dynamic IP address".
- The DNS service provider registers and handles a domain name for you.
  He hosts a name server where you domain name is translated into an
  IP address.
- The hosting provider hosts servers where you can put your web pages and
  store your emails and/or files. He hosts a web server and a lot of
  disks for you.

All those providers can be the same company or different ones.

In your case, I don't know your ISP as you said you will connect through
some of the free wireless base stations in your neighborhood.

Your DNS service provider is www.networksolutions.com. Network solutions
is the company that "orchestrates" your domain greenwoodfarm.com. You
may change this to either www.everydns.com or to www.dyndns.com or others
All offers are more or less the same. Compare prices.

Your hosting provider (not the ISP) is www.verio.com. If you have your
own server at home you won't need that any more.


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