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Fri Jan 3 19:40:41 CET 2014

A few comments about the Web page, primarily for ETH staff.

The title of the page cited in the Subject is 
"Introduction to ETH Oberon / PC Native alpha and beta release".
In referring to both alpha and beta, the title is perfectly appropriate.  I've used 
the alpha for years and found the documentation almost indispensable.

In the page we read this.
"Latest PC Native Beta Release (08.12.00) [next beta early 2003]
- Download
- Documentation
- Change log
Latest PC Native Alpha Version (updated often)
- Change log
- Download"

Having the Documentation link under the Alpha heading, just 
as under the Beta heading, would be legitimate and helpful.

The order of the links in Alpha and Beta cases is inconsistent. 
Should be "Download ... Change log" or "Change log ... Download" in 
both cases.

In the Alpha case, "updated often" is false and should be deleted.

Best Regards,              ... Peter E.

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