[Oberon] Active Cells, software-hardware co-design , embedded systems ==> new chance for oberon ???

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 18:39:36 CET 2014

> The last three month I use the Oberon-7 Development System Astrobe from
> CFB Software. I think the support of ARM based Cortex M3 processors is
> very important. The development of smartfons and tablets has dramatical
> changed the potential hardware base of embbeded systems. The success of ARM
> based processors in the mobile area has a big influence to modern embbeded
> systems.  ..... I would like to see Oberon as a living language ....

I'd love to have ETHO [the HCI, not just the language] on an ARM system.
`wily` based on ETHO runs an rPi. Unfortunately they've reversed the
left/right mouse-scrolling direction, which messes our reflexes.

Is the abusive WinTel monopoly coming to an end?

OTOH see this kiddie: FB/twitter attitude:---
]     Android 2.3.5 WTFF
]     +1
]     en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history
]     2.3.5 launched in July 2011 - 2.5 years ago.
]     Why launch a new product with an out of date OS?
]     No Thanks.

When I've got a difficult task that needs 6 textFrames visible together,
plus an extra dimension of coloring-related-parts, I must call on ETHO
[linux based these days for me]. Where ETHO is 20 years old, today's
market sees July 2011 as out-of-date!

BTW, did you read about the whole-towns of speculation houses in China?
They are all unoccupied, because they would lose their speculation-value
once they've been 'used'.

== Chris Glur.

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