[Oberon] Can ETHO be ported to ARM?

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Mon Jan 13 13:41:44 CET 2014

For normal [go with the herd users] who use butterfly-browsers,
this is what text browsers can do: concrete evidence.
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 11. http://matthias.dnsdynamic.com/oberon/ ->
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   Du kannst die Seite mit dem Knopf [Seite anlegen] selbst anlegen und
   mit Inhalt fllen."

Since Astrobe seems well 'matured' in ARM & Oberon, can it do the ETHO HCI?!?
As per Wirth's revised project-oberon, it's the unique
interface that's of most value.
BTW. I Like the frameBuffer version of LNO to access my
old N-O partitions on a linux-busy-pcPC -- can't be rebooted.

== Chris Glur.

On 11/6/12, Peter Matthias <PeterMatthias at web.de> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 6. November 2012, 09:42:09 schrieben Sie:
>> The same way as S3/V4 got massive leverage by riding on top of the
>> linux-eco-system, so also ETHO should ride on top of the ARM-eco-system
>> instead of reinventing the stack-based architecture which was discussed
>> in the 60's Burrough's article?     Or?
> I fully agree with your opinion, however, S3/V4 seems to be dead for ETHZ. I
> offered to upgrade my Linux based Native Oberon several times without
> response.
> Also ETHZ seems to have the compiler running on the Pi. However, I did not
> get
> a response yet if it is possible to get the compiler. Thats a little
> frustrating.
> BTW: The latest LNO is now available at http://www.pmatthias.de/oberon/
> Should run on 32bit framebuffer and 32bit X11 in X86 Linux with 32bit ABI.
> Framebuffer version can not switch from X11 to LNO directly, switch to
> different
> console first.
> Peter

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