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Hi Chris Glur
Hi Chris Burrows,

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> ]- bootlaoder:
> ] i am just trying to build up the FPGA Oberon system, shown in Prof.
> ] Wirths latest Oberon paper (my Ariel project..).
> Paste the URL.

which URL, the URL of my project? There isn't any yet.
But if somebody is interested in, i will publish a Wiki.

Thats the file with the missing link:
`timescale 1ns / 1ps // 32-bit PROM initialised from hex file  PDR 23.12.13

module PROM (input clk,
   input [8:0] adr,
   output reg [31:0] data);

reg [31:0] mem [511: 0];
initial $readmemh("../prom.mem", mem);

always @(posedge clk) data <= mem[adr];


you may see a requested prom.mem
that i can't find

> The file format is described in 'The file System' - Chapter 7 of the Dec
> 2013 Revision of Project Oberon. The bootloader is decribed in Chapter 14.
> The source code of the SD card drivers is in Kernel.mod

i have noticed that the bootloader mechanism is described shortly at
chapter 14 page 12 (see above) but the code for the bootloader rom is 

I have^also seen the description of the file system format now, thanks.
But in practice i have to write a SD card without the FPGA Oberon 
running yet. (The chicken - egg problem ;-)  )
My idea is to run an old native Oberon on a PC with floppy disk and then 
copy this floppy physically to the SD card.
Has the file format ever changed?
Any other/better idea?


Markus Greim

P.S. I have seen that Prof. Wirth will present his FPGA Oberon system on 
his 80. birthday conference. Unfortunately the conference is overbooked :-(
See http://wirth-symposium.ethz.ch/
I have noticed it too late, otherwise i would be there!

> Regards,
> Chris
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