[Oberon] Booting FPGA Oberon / LNO

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Sun Jan 26 10:31:12 CET 2014


> As the book says, the RS232 interface was used extensively by Prof. Wirth
> as the system was developed.
> The bootloader for the Oberon system will vary, depend on what hardware is
> actually attached.  It is compiled using the "RISC0" mode of the compiler,
> triggered by an asterisk after the keyword MODULE, which generates a
> single self-contained instruction stream for inclusion directly in the

- bootloader and mem-file again.

i have found a document related to your suggestions.

snip....Run cmd.ext to start DOS shell, then navigate to folder 
RISC0\test. Execute command OSP.Compile Test7.Mod to compile source code 
Test7.Mod and generate code image (here ins1.mem)....snip

If i understood it right, i need an Oberon Compiler producing
bootable code (MODULE*) for the RISC5 not RISC0 architecture?

In the net on GitHub i found a quite new
ORP.Mod (which is including ORS, ORB, ORG as described in chapter 12.1, 
Figure 12.1 on page 14 of the Oberon Report)
Is this the right tool for this job?

But whats about the hint with the DOS Shell, i assume i have to run this 
ORP.Mod in Native Oberon?

In chapter 14.1 of the latest Oberon Report page 76 there is the source 
of a
MODULE* BootLoad;

I guess this could be the right bootloader, am i right here?
On page 77 the boot process is explained. A linker tool called ORL is 
mentioned there several times. Do you know where i can find this tool?
Or is ORL = ORP ?

By the way any hints to install LNO on an not so actual 32 bit Linux 
Machine ?
When starting it i get always the message:

Oberon Boot File Loader 22.11.2004
starting System.Init
Trace/Breakpoint ausgelöst

as described already 2011 at:

My system is a good old 32 bit machine:
uname -a:
Linux makuslinux3 #1 SMP 2010-12-01 16:57:58 +0100 
i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Maybe i have to find an old PC to install RNO (real native Oberon ;-) )

Any help welcome!


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