[Oberon] Merge Requests

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 30 00:55:39 CET 2014


In the OCP Forum > Merge Requests, the last response is from 
Sven Stauber responding to "OFS.Tool  Bernhard T.  July 22, 2010".  

In effect, this branch of the Forum has become a list 
of bug reports.  Merging of a fix on individual systems 
worldwide consumes enormous human resources in comparison 
to having the fix, once and for all, in the distribution.  
Many potential users will dismiss the system before finding 
fixes or attempting to make them.

I understand that everyone is spread thinly and that the 
task of merging requires a deep understanding of the system.
Consequently ETH can face difficulties with merging.

So my question; should merging still be considered viable? 
Otherwise we might simply submit corrections to the community 
subversion repository.

Best regards and thanks for any response,    ... Peter E.
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