[Oberon] FPGA Oberon - DAU status report...

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Fri Feb 7 19:29:01 CET 2014


i know i am annoying or lets say more friendly:
here is another status report from the DAU (dümmster anzunehmender user):

I like to come back to the prom.mem problem.

In BootLoad.Mod there is:

ORP.Compile @
ORX.WriteFile BootLoad.rsc 512 "D:/Verilog/RISC5/prom.mem"~

So to generate prom.me i would need
a running ORP and ORX on any PC.
Or i would need a prom.mem to get a FPGA Oberon-7 running to
generate with a compiled Bootload.Mod prom.mem
(but still missing an ORX.Mod ....)

With the Oberon-07 compiler mentioned in my last mail i was not able to 
compile ORP. Even after re-formating all source files to utf-8 (BOM)
Also AOS / A2 for Unix doesn't compile any modul.


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