[Oberon] Commercial system

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Sat Feb 8 19:07:29 CET 2014

Josef Sedlacek wrote:
> Hello together
> Let me report for the first time.
> In collaboration with the group of prof. Jürg Gutknecht with Dr. Felix
> Friedrich and Florian Negele we have developed a system which carries
> the registered mark

Does this mean that, in Doug's parlance, two young dogs have taken up 
the challenge to make a Raspberry Pi class system based on Oberon?

Is this a system that is being developed? Or is it still a wild idea? 
And what does it mean for the openness of the Oberon source code? If it 
has a reg. trademark, closed source is more likely.


Jan Verhoeven

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