[Oberon] Commercial system

Douglas G. Danforth danforth at greenwoodfarm.com
Sun Feb 9 03:30:19 CET 2014

Thank you.

When can I buy one?

-Doug Danforth

On 2/8/2014 7:33 AM, Josef Sedlacek wrote:
> Hello together
> Let me report for the first time.
> In collaboration with the group of prof. Jürg Gutknecht with Dr. Felix
> Friedrich and Florian Negele we have developed a system which carries
> the registered mark
> A2 swiss industrial controller (R)
> It is a combination of soft and hardware for high reliability 7 days/24
> hours per week operation.
> There is a A2CPU processor implemented in a FPGA using DDR3, SRAM and
> Flash. Further there is DVI, Giga Ethernet, Usb Host and other
> "computer" periphery on the board. The interface to the industrial
> process is located on the board as well (making the use of expensive and
> unreliable cables/connectors inside the system unnecessary). It connects
> directly to the high power devices. Industrial field buses (like
> Profibus, Profinet etc.) are provided.
> Historically this is a next step after the C2 System which was used some
> thousand times since 1997 all the time with an unchanged hardware based
> on NO and AOS running on an embedded PC. The name A2 came into existence
> during a swiss confederation founded project bringing together high
> quality operating system with the industrial needs.
> Now the A2CPU processor allows to use the whole software further. Its
> instruction set compiled with a new Fox-Compiler backend is a reduction
> of the X86 set. The application runs under A2 (AOS) from a 16MB flash.
> There are still some details to solve.
> We hope to find interested users. The system is highly scalable and can
> be optimized from low price to high performance (because of the high
> speed hardware in FPGA). If you know somebody who could like this then
> tell him please about it.
> Otherwise I eat at least one apple a day and hope that A2 can create
> some new jobs.
> Best regards
> Josef Sedlacek

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