[Oberon] FPGA Oberon again

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Tue Feb 11 19:39:35 CET 2014

greim wrote:
> Many thanks for your hints, i already stated to go on this stony way.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> BUT, the question is not only how to do it but WHY ?

Ah, I remember posting the same question a few weeks back, perhaps in 
other words. I then got a rather violent answer that the outcome is not 
of interest, but the way towards the outcome is.
A few years back, when I was a lot younger than now, I would have taken 
that as a good answer, but I'm almost 60 now and I don't need to learn a 
lot anymore form the road to. I just want to use the goal. No need for 
extra learning anymore. I just want to use the applied Oberon. I want to 
be the end-user. Not the developer.

> somebody has already realized the toolchain, at least as a prototype.

I get the impression that the toolchain is part of the commercial system 
that was mentioned here last weekend. And giving away the toolchain for 
free would not be cheered to by potential buyers of the A2 controller. 
Unless Embedded Artists would be the commercial partner. They have firm 
beliefs in cloud computing and open source projects.

  > Struggling around with Veriolog, etc
  > So WHY reinvent Oberon things again and again.
  > And each Compiler, Runtime System is slightly different.
  > I really don't like (even if i could) to write the 99th incarnation of an Oberon System.

That's why I would like to see the final version of Oberon running on x86-64. Let's say, make a final version for VIA nano E cpu (100 mW idle). VIA make a very nice computer around that CPU, the ART-3000:


which is available, debugged, feature laden, compact, low power, whatever, you name it. It will probably come at a price, but that price will definitely be lower than having to build a similar system from scratch.

> Porting ORP.Mod to BlackBox requires for example to adapt all the
> Texts.Mod and Files.Mod interfaces.

I tried it a few years back for Linux. I was porting to the Mocka 
Modula-2 compiler. It's too much work for one person.

> Maybe using an Olimex board instead of a PC?

Not sure if Olimex is the right partner here. They make cheap boards 
with lots of features but this is a niche market.

OK, let me have it.


Jan Verhoeven

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