[Oberon] native oberon: how to access cd-rom after mounting

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 06:47:35 CET 2014

]I'm reviving my Native Oberon System for artistic reasons.
  Not m/any persons use N-O any more.
  ETHO riding-on *nix allows access to all the *nix drivers/facilities,
  while still giving the superb HCI of N-O.

]How can I acces my cd-rom after mounting it with

 How do you know it's mounted?
 I never had a CD while using N-O.
 And a main reason for changing to *nix based ETHO was to get
  easy access to such drivers.

To access my 10 years of N-O partitions, I now use LNO.
Of course you know about:
  OFTools.Mount  <chosenName>  <FStype>  IDE2#0 <-or 1 ?

]This is the output nof Partition.Show
]Disk: IDE2. 8558KB, removable, CD-224E
]ReadPartitions: device in use.

Look in Oberon.Text for <CD file type>
OK, I just looked in my LNO:Oberon.Text and it's got "ISOFS".
so that should work.  [ And LEO's Oberon.Text has 'no'
"OFS" field, apparently because it uses *nix to handle the files]

BTW, a measure of the good-simple design, of ETHO's system
is how relatively easy it is to re-locate how-to-use-it, after being
away for several years.

== Chris Glur.

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