[Oberon] FPGA Oberon some news and a reply to F.P.

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Tue Mar 4 12:54:20 CET 2014

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> I feel sad that Spartan 3 is becoming obsolete. So, I think, if FPGAOberon
> generic and not much dependent on specialties of Spartan 3, we should
> immediately make/port our FPGAOberon on/to a latest board.

I agree. The more recent Spartan-3E based Nexys-2 board from Digilent looks
like it might be a good candidate as it also has a PS/2 port and VGA socket:


Better still - it looks as though it can be programmed via USB instead of
having to have to purchase an additional JTAG adapter,


Chris Burrows
CFB Software


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