[Oberon] RISC emulator

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 12:23:13 CET 2014

Jan Verhoeven wrote:
> A small OS like Oberon should not have to bother with all codepages,
> all keyboard layouts, all fonts, all charactersets, hiragana, katakana,
> left/right alignment of tokens (like arabic) or even up/down alignment.
> Just settle with US keyboard, US characterset. Who needs umlauts when
> middle clicking a command?

Exactly. "unix" is a spoof on the name "multics" which apparently FAILED
becos it wos 2 complex.
Isn't this a teaching project?
What about successive refinement? Add your private features later.
Alto' char-format IS a fundamental decision, I suppose.

Can this thing do like S3 / V4: you can work heads-up: without needing to bob
your head upNdown between the kybrd & screen?
For me the VALUE is in the TUI/Ceres human-interface.

I'm increasingly porting my jobs to ARM based rPi.
Especially since `wily` [inspired/copied by ETHO] was available with the good
ETHO-like TUI interface.

If <Oberon RISC machine & OS> DOES S3:TUI how difficult is it to emulate on
rPi, since it seems that no one is going to port ETHO to rPi?

So what if it runs at 1% of the speed. The Microsoft <Pascal for TRS80:
10 page pamphlet + cassette [IIRC ran 'compilerV0' via the P-code-interpreter]>
wrote 3 lines per-second as it compiled, and when it stopped at the error, you
knew exactly and immediately what the syntax error was.

== Chris Glur.

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