[Oberon] Re (2): suggestions for documentation.

Srinivas Nayak sinu.nayak2001 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 14:05:57 CEST 2014

What I found is, WYSIWYG should exactly give us what we see.
But, many times, we don't get so. Mainly at print.
Because, most of the formatting information is hidden inside doc, and we can't see those.
And they have a secrete relation to printer. So, many times we see something and we get something else at print.
Same when the doc gets opened in different application.

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On 04/03/2014 05:20 PM, Treutwein Bernhard wrote:
>> Also, why in heavens name must I 'compile' a document, ala TeX?
>> To me Knuth did a great disservice to WYSIWIG text editing.
> oops, TeX is for the art of layout and was never intended to
> be WYSIWIG. There are very very poor layouted books and documents
> around since WYSIWIG editing was elaborated (which also was at
> least a decade after TeX).
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